Citizen engagement initiatives

Cross-Cutting Activity 3

Cross-Cutting Activity 3 (CC3) represents a unique occasion for innovation to meet community engagement in the North-Eastern region of Italy. With a focus on inclusive communication strategies, CC3 aims to involve citizens not only in receiving information but also in actively participating in the planning and execution of initiatives. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical importance of effective and inclusive communication strategies. CC3 has three specific goals:

  • Coordinated Engagement Actions: developing dissemination, communication, and engagement strategies in collaboration with all iNEST Spokes to ensure a cohesive approach across initiatives.
  • Tailored Initiatives: produce customized initiatives tailored to specific target audiences, taking into account their diverse backgrounds and needs.
  • Innovative Communication: invest in new and innovative communication methods to effectively reach and engage citizens in the region.

For Spoke 9, a particular emphasis is placed on disseminating the main theme of Digital Twins, especially in communities that are still transitioning to embrace the digital revolution. The intersection of art and science is explored as a means to bridge the gap, with special attention given to engaging diverse citizen groups, including children and students. The dynamic collaborations with museums, schools, and innovative events ignite conversations and foster understanding among citizens. Through its collective vision and pioneering spirit, Spoke 9 is working towards creating a lasting impact that extends beyond the duration of the iNEST activities.

The Immaginario Scientifico exhibits: research through gaming

The National Conference on Science Communication: innovation and communication

Applied mathematics meets industry: SIAM UQ24

The latest event featuring Spoke 9 was SIAM UQ24 – Conference on Uncertainty Quantification, an esteemed gathering hosted by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), focusing on Uncertainty Quantification. This conference took place in Trieste at the Stazione Marittima and the Savoia Excelsior Palace from 27th February to 1st March 2024. It was anticipated by the Power of Diversity event, held at SISSA on 26th February, which was focused on the pivotal role of inclusivity within the scientific community. With an attendance of over 1000 individuals, the conference managed to attract a diverse array of professionals from various fields, including physicists, engineers, computer scientists, and data scientists. This broad spectrum of attendees ensured a rich exchange of ideas and encouraged interdisciplinary collaboration, amplifying the impact of the dialogue.


Cross-Cutting Activity 3 starts in month 1 and ends in month 40.
Its leader is the University of Trieste (UNITS).