iNEST Consortium and Cross-Cutting Activity 1: empowering innovation

iNEST Consortium and Cross-Cutting Activity 1: empowering innovation

Turning innovative ideas into projects or activities that provide a significant impact or benefit in the innovation ecosystem is the primary goal of Cross-Cutting Activity 1 (CC1) within the iNEST Consortium (Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem). This initiative, funded by the European Union’s NextGenerationEU program together with the Italian Ministry of University and Research and the ItaliaDomani program, aims to swiftly enhance and extend the benefits of digital technologies to key specialization areas in Northeastern Italy. As we embark on this transformative journey, CC1 becomes a beacon for collaboration, innovation, and the convergence of research and entrepreneurship. 

The first phase of the CC1 program, the Pre-Acceleration phase, aims to collect innovative ideas from doctoral students, researchers, and pre-seed start-ups. Ideas can be submitted by applying for the Spoke 9 Call for Startup Early Stage.

It is strongly recommended to contact the Valorisation and Innovation Office when interested in the application. The best ideas across all Spokes will be guided towards the preparation of a pitch and the top 20 will advance to the following phase, namely the Acceleration program, which will bring start-ups to market validation with a scalable business model. The program is totally free

The Call for Startup Early Stage is already open. Researchers, students, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit their innovative ideas by 15th February 2024

Stay tuned for a year filled with collaborative endeavors, creative pursuits, and transformative innovations within the iNEST community!