iNEST driver of innovation in the Italian Northeast: new start-ups on the way

iNEST driver of innovation in the Italian Northeast: new start-ups on the way

The selection of the first group of entrepreneurial projects is scheduled in Venice

The first Selection Day of iNEST Cross-Cutting Activity 1 (CC1) will be held on 19th March in Venice, at the Ca’ Tron campus of Iuav University.

During this event, 32 ideas for new research start-ups in the Triveneto region, carefully selected from more than 170 proposals collected during the preliminary scouting phase, will be presented. For Spoke 9, four projects by SISSA students and researchers will be illustrated:

  • Assay by Francesco Ortu, Alex Serra, Bernardo Manfriani, and Alex Lena;
  • Easy Resp by Rosamaria Apicella;
  • SINDREL by Audrey Franceschi Biagioni;
  • Sniff-Nano – CyNexo by Fabrizio Manzino, Stefano Parusso, Christopher Castleton, and Barbara Delpin.

All proposals will be reviewed by the CC1 Committee, which will identify at least 10 of the most promising and innovative ideas to give birth to new start-ups, developed and supported through the subsequent phases (Acceleration and Fundraising) of the Cross-Cutting Activity. The selected start-ups will thus receive the necessary resources and support to fully develop and establish themselves in the market, contributing to economic growth and innovation in the entire North-East region.

According to Prof. Carlo Bagnoli, CC1 Program Leader, this event represents «a crucial step in creating an internationally recognizable North-East innovation ecosystem.» The ultimate goal is to transform Triveneto’s research excellence into innovative and sustainable businesses that can thrive beyond the end of the project, thus consolidating Triveneto’s position as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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